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Wine and Geology Tours


Demystifying Sonoma's AVAs

Join us on this exciting visit to Sonoma Valley!

In our quest to demystify the complex and overlapping array of the Sonoma AVAs, we will visit select wineries that are true to their respective terroir. The French would say they are “correct”. We will discuss how the topography of the region reflects effects of tectonic forces — the San Andreas, Rodgers Creek and related faults, and the east-west compressional forces that have folded the terrain into discrete valleys, ridges, alluvial fans and river corridors.

We will spend the weekend visiting vintners at their wineries, to learn about their soils and wine-growing practices, and how these affect their wines. We will learn about their vinification processes and of course, taste their wines.

A professional driver and comfortable bus will transport us from start to finish so there is no need to worry about driving once you get there.

A well-regarded local chef and her team will prepare dinner on Saturday night using carefully selected seasonal and local ingredients. Paired with elegant wines selected to represent the Sonoma AVA’s, the meal will be a culinary and wine treat for you.

We pair our picnic lunches of hand-selected charcuterie and cheeses from a local provider with choice Sonoma wines.


"What is wine without the soil, the climate and the people?”

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