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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I liked pretty much everything: Small group; Great itinerary; Interesting verbal and written info provided by Expert leadership; Smooth running logistics en-route and detailed Pre-arrival info packet; Terrific food/wine; Nice hotels; Perfect weather; Fun dinners at home w/ French families"

"Koffi, Doug and David.  Great information and well thought out visits and destinations.  Great education and lots of fun.  Well organized"

"I like just about everything!   "Guides" were knowledgeable, open to all questions and ideas;  lots of variety of regions/terroirs/winegrowers/wineries/overall activities such as the visit to the market/hotels/restaurants/food which were all fascinating and fantastic!  I liked that many of our tours were with the vignerons and not the PR staff."

"Loved everything! One of the best trips I've ever been on."

"Dinner at Marc's family's home was a very special way to end the tour. Really appreciated it."

"Particularly loved the visits to E. Guigal and Chateau Beaucastel, because Philippe and Kirsty were excellent guides and hosts. Learned a lot from them and really understood their wines."

"Schedule was perfect. Good area covered. Good amount of activity every day. Happy with the balance between geology and wine. Loved all of the sites/towns we visited. Wouldn't personally have changed anything."

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